How a temp agency can change your career


Temping work is an excellent means to find temporary jobs over the short-term, and brings many great benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. Temp jobs are a fantastic way to get your foot in the door in certain industries and gain valuable experience.


When it comes to finding temp jobs, there are a few avenues you can go down. However, joining a temp agency is by far the most effective and successful way to find temping work for many reasons.


What does a temp agency do?


A temp agency is much like a regular recruitment agency, except they specialise in temporary work. Some agencies, like Workers-Direct, are able to provide both temp and permanent jobs and possess specialism in both areas.


Some of the services provided by a temp agency include:


  • Quick recruitment: In many temping scenarios, companies are looking for a temp worker to join them quickly. Many temp jobs are due to unexpected absences or a sudden surge in demand, so businesses need to source temp workers as soon as they can.
  • Candidate vetting: It’s important to ensure high standards when bringing in temp workers. A temp agency will not only secure a deal quickly, but they’ll carry out important vetting and evaluation work on each candidate to make sure they are qualified for the role.
  • Access to their file: A temp agency maintains a large file of individuals looking for temping work. This means that, in many cases, a business is able to hire individuals for work within a matter of hours, speeding up the entire process.
  • Job advertisement: Marketing your job opening can prove difficult if you don’t have the means to do it. A temp agency will have well-established advertising networks and channels to get your job out into the world.
  • Taking responsibility: An agency will handle the entire recruitment process on your behalf, saving you the resources and time which you can reallocate to your business. Recruiters will see any deal through from start to finish and give businesses peace of mind.


Any business with temp jobs available can benefit significantly from working with a temp agency. The agency will conduct recruitment on your behalf whilst remaining true to your principles and objectives.


Are temporary jobs suited to your business?


Temp jobs aren’t for everyone, but a lot of industries rely heavily on temp workers to keep productivity flowing. To gauge whether or not your business is suited for temping work, understanding what makes temp jobs so desirable can help you to decide.




Plenty of businesses are reluctant to commit to long-term deals in certain areas of their workforce, as they simply aren’t sure whether or not the job is needed over a long time. In such cases, bringing in a temp worker is ideal as your business does not need to plan ahead so extensively and is able to adapt to changing demands.


Meeting urgent needs


Perhaps the most common reasons why businesses offer temp jobs is to cope with a sudden surge in demand. This can include everything from winning a new project to hiring more numbers over the weekend. Long-term contracts aren’t suitable in such scenarios, so businesses approach a temp agency to bring in workers on short-term contracts.


Seasonal requirements


Many businesses, such as those in hospitality and tourism, see demands fluctuate across the year according to season. For example, a hotel can benefit from a temp agency by advertising temping work during the busier summer months. Without an agency helping you to recruit, businesses can struggle to attract enough workers to meet their requirements.


Trial periods


A lot of companies like to trial out certain candidates before deciding whether or not to continue hiring them. Temping work is ideal for this purpose, as it enables a business to get a close understanding of how an individual works before they commit to a long-term deal. On the other hand, some temp workers can impress their employers so much that they become indispensable to the business.


Are you looking for temping work?


There are several reasons why temping work is a fantastic career choice to make:


  • High rates: Because of the part-time nature of the work, temping work can be very lucrative to get into. Many jobs you find will offer higher-than-normal rates because the work is temporary, so workers can benefit from extra cash flow.
  • Experience: In order to land a full-time role, you will often need experience in your chosen vocation. Temp jobs are the perfect way to obtain vital career experience that will serve you well in your job search.
  • Opportunity: A lot of temp jobs can lead to full-time opportunities in the future if your performance levels are high enough. Additionally, the job experience you gain will help you find other career opportunities.
  • Diversify: If you sign up with a temp agency, you may be offered temp jobs outside of your usual career path. This is a great way to expand your career options and diversify your skills and experience.
  • Flexibility: Many temp workers enjoy the flexibility offered by temporary work. As they don’t have to commit to lengthy contracts, they have the freedom to pursue other areas in their life without being tied down to a job.


Workers-Direct is a temping work specialist


At Workers-Direct we have years and years of experience providing temping solutions to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. With our sharp knowledge of temping work and wide professional networks, both businesses and workers can benefit from our exceptional recruitment services.


How to join us for temporary jobs


There are a few ways that you can become a part of Workers-Direct:


  • Call us: Simply give us a call and one of our experts can get started right away on your recruitment needs.
  • Drop an email: Our responsive team aims to get back to all enquiries within a matter of minutes.
  • Visit our offices: You can drop in to our offices and we’ll be happy to hear from you.
  • Fill out the application form: Complete the application form on our website and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.