Sales Manager

A sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organisation. They set sales goals and quotas, build a sales plan, analyse data, assign sales training and sales territories, mentor the members of their sales team and are involved in the hiring and firing process.

Sales Manager Responsibilities

  • Managing organisational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue and expense controls.
  • Meeting planned sales goals.
  • Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.
  • Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team.
  • Coordinating with marketing on lead generation.
  • The ongoing training of your salespeople.
  • Developing your sales team through motivation, counselling and product knowledge education.
  • Promoting the organisation and products.
  • Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products.

Sales Manager Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field.
  • Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies.
  • Experience in customer relationship management.
  • Experience managing and directing a sales team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Dedication to providing great customer service.
  • Ability to lead a sale team.

Sales Manager Skills

Here are some of the essential skills required for a sales manager:

  • Analysis Skills: Sales managers need to review data, see what’s relevant, draw meaningful conclusions and find actionable takeaways.
  • Strategic Planning Abilities: Once they have gathered the evidence, they need to identify the next steps. Most decisions involve making trade offs.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Sales managers must deliver information efficiently and accurately to the right people, at the right time, using the right medium.
  • Collaboration and Motivation Skills: They should be good at working with others from their fellow managers to other department leaders. To keep their reps on-track and motivated, sales managers demonstrate a genuine passion for their team’s mission.
  • Delegation Skills: Rather than trying to do everything themselves, sales managers know when to delegate to their team for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ability to Remain Calm Under Pressure: The role of a sales manager is highly challenging and always changing. Sales managers must be able to cope with daily stresses that come with the job.
  • Good People Skills: Sales managers should be able to effectively collaborate and work well with their peers, leadership and direct reports.
Essential Tasks To Be Done By A Sales Manager

The “Responsibilities” section of a job description is critical because it paints a picture of what the role will be like. Applicants will then be able to decide if they see themselves in the position. The key is to describe the objectives and tasks you expect the sales manager to successfully complete on a weekly or monthly basis. Here are some sales manager tasks to remember:

  • Hit Quota: The incoming sales manager should be expected to motivate their team of sales reps to hit (or exceed) the quotas set during each sales period.
  • Mentor and Train Sales Reps: The candidate should understand their responsibility to help their team of sales reps develop their skills. This should include facilitating regular performance management reviews with their reps to provide feedback and coaching.
  • Recruit, Hire, and Onboard New Salespeople: Sales managers are often responsible for building their own teams (or for working alongside HR to build their team). In many roles, sales managers are in charge of recruiting, interviewing, extending job offers to, and training new salespeople for a smooth transition into the team.
  • Create Sales Forecasts: Forecasting is critical for setting sales goals that drive business growth. Experienced sales managers should understand how to create realistic sales forecasts factoring in historical data and your company’s business objectives.
  • Analyse Performance Data: Effective sales managers are able to analyse performance metrics to make data-driven decisions and provide effective coaching to their team.
  • Design and Implement Sales Strategy: Providing strategic direction for their organisation is a key function for sales managers. A candidate should demonstrate the ability to create, implement, and measure the success of a sales strategy.
  • Continuously Iterate on Sales Process: Having a sales process in place can streamline the daily responsibilities of every member of the team. The organisation’s sales manager should be the ultimate champion for their team’s sales process, ensuring the process is followed and striving for continuous improvement.
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