Presales Consultant

A Presales Consultant is a sales expert who lays the groundwork to acquire customers and support clients throughout the sales processPresales Consultants work in a variety of settings including information technology and software, retail, e-commerce and insurance. Presales Consultant

The best presales people are master communicators, they: Carry out discovery effectively, researching customers and drilling down into problems to develop a strong understandingMake the complex simple and easy to follow. Communicate solutions to the customer in a compelling way.

Tasks And Duties

  • Working with a sales team to determine solutions to customers challenges and supporting the sales team to present proposals to clients.
  • Providing demonstrations, presentations, training, consultation and sales support services for the sales team and existing clients.
  • Building relationships with customers and proactively seeking new sales opportunities by developing new relationships with prospective clients.

Presales Consultants need to have excellent communication skills, be confident making presentations and have the ability to work closely and collaborate with different team members. They are often an invaluable resource for members of the sales team. Presales Consultants must also possess detailed knowledge about the products, technology or solutions they are supporting the sales team to sell. Presales Consultant

What Makes A Pre-Sales Consultant Professional?

There are 4 main areas where a Pre-Sales person can really excel:

  1. What you know: Depth of knowledge is a given or you have no calling card to talk to customers. But product knowledge is not enough, you need to understand the context of what you are selling , the business function and industry you are selling into. For example, pre-sales consultant experts in financial services would need to understand the dynamics of the industry and finance department processes. They might have been an accountant earlier in their career.


  1. How you do your job: In other words, how you engage with the customer using your soft skills. The best pre-sales consultants are master communicators, they:
  • Carry out discovery effectively, researching customers and drilling down into problems to develop a strong understanding.
  • Make the complex simple and easy to follow.
  • Communicate solutions to the customer in a compelling way.
  • Are creative, using techniques like storytelling to give a presentation flow.
  • Make their customers imagine a world with their solution and build bridges by drawing on success stories from customers similar to their prospective clients.
  • Make a presentation interactive, managing the room and monitoring audience reactions.
  • Use visual techniques like sketching and white boarding.
  • Don’t spend too much demo time going from screen to screen in the software, instead they discuss what the solution means in context so customers see why it’s important.
  • Maintain the right level of detail
  • Challenge a customer by teaching them something they didn’t know, giving a customer a fresh perspective and expanded thinking.
  • Encourage an audience to ask questions, handling objections where appropriate without losing the flow of their presentation.
  1. Who you know (and how you are known): The best Pre-Sales consultants are very well-connected. They have strong relationships with their customers and partners and may belong to external bodies. For example, a financial expert might be part of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). They also have strong connections within their own company. A great Pre-Sales consultants draws on their network for information, ideas and help in order to be effective. By being closely connected with customers a great Pre-Sales consultants is armed with all sort of useful customer stories to tell.
    The Pre-Sales consultants have a strong personal brand and actively manage their social media presence and speak at events as a thought leader. This gives them a certain authority and presence when they go to meet customers. These days, customers will look you up on LinkedIn beforehand and you want them to be excited to meet you. Sharing interesting articles on your area of expertise is a great way to start. If you can progress to writing blogs you are on to a winner!
  2. What you do: Finally a big differentiation separating the Pre-Sales talent from the rest is what they do. The professional Pre-Sales consultants do a number of things differently. Firstly they look at things more holistically and support business development activity, develop partners and train Sales Reps. They help out their colleagues, sharing ideas, collateral and clever ways of working. Secondly they spend a high proportion of their time with customers. They have a real knack for short, efficient prep time and can quickly adapt and tailor their presentations and demonstrations to individual customers. Presales Consultant

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