Temp Workers

Temporary work or temporary employment refers to an employment situation where the working arrangement is limited to a certain period of time based on the needs of the employing organisation. Employees who work on short term projects or assignments are known as temp workers. They usually get such contracts through agencies, staffing offices, or placement centres that recruit people on a contractual basis that last from a day to several months based on their educational and work experience. Temporary Workers 

People who are willing to do  temp jobs have several reasons. As some people like to work with flexibility so temp jobs offer that kind of space and flexibility while a permanent job has a huge pressure to handle. Companies from every industry hire temp workers when their permanent staff members are sick or on vacation so they always have room for temp workers to take care of the work.

Benefits Of Using Temp Workers

Major advantages of hiring temp workers typically concern the cost savings that an employer might realise. To gain these advantages, an employer must compare temp workers with the alternative of part-time and full-time regular workers. If an employer does not need regular worker, then the major advantage is scalability, conveniently being able to add or reduce the worker payroll per business needs.

  • Functions: Temp workers serve different functions for the employer and offer advantages in terms of operations management. Employers use temp workers to take the place of absent employees and to provide a temporary person for a vacancy. They also add to their staff through busy seasons such as the holiday shopping season and increase the number of workers to assist in projects of short duration. Temp jobs also provide workers for positions scheduled to be phased out due to budget cuts or reorganisation.
  • Cost Savings: While employers might have to provide benefits such as workers compensation and overtime pay to temp workers, they can save on medical/dental benefits, vacation and sick pay, retirement and other income security benefits reserved for full-time and part-time workers. Some employers offer higher wages to temp workers that do not receive job benefits, such as travelling nurses, which makes temporary employment attractive to highly-skilled professionals seeking flexibility.
  • Sourcing Talent: Some employers find it advantageous to recruit highly skilled temp workers to determine if they are suitable for a particular job. If an employee is a good match, a hiring manager can advertise the job and hire that person a permanent position or offer the position directly. Also, temp positions offer a way to attract talent when an organisation is waiting on funding, such as a nonprofit waiting for federal grant funds to be received.
  • Save Training Costs: Temp workers who work for an employer when in need of extra income help the employer save on overtime costs. When an employee separates from the employer, it costs the employer training costs that were already invested and other costs, such as the cost of advertising the position and completing the recruiting and screening process. If a temp worker fills the void and offers similar services, the employer has flexibility in setting a timeline for finding a new employee and training that worker instead. Temporary Workers 

What Skills And Qualities Do I Need For The Temporary Jobs?

There are few skills and qualities required for every field of temporary work. These Temporary jobs are help the employers choose the right one while help learn the candidates to show their best.

  • Good communication skills: Temporary job is a contractual work so to leave an impression of your good work requires good communication skills. This quality may help you secure the temporary position making it permanent for the future.
  • Calm and cool minded: At times of temporary work, all eyes may be on you. You may get you some extra attention, leaving you confused and nervous which may raise the chances of mistakes. To stay calm and cool minded may help cross these barriers.
  • Results oriented: As this would be temporary job so things would really need to be done as the task would be given. So one has to be more hardworking and dedicated to work for the better results.
  • Friendly: As you get to interact with more people but only for a short period of time you need to be more friendly and helpful towards the fellow colleagues and the clients to really make them feel your presence and attention towards your work.
  • Multi-tasking ability: To help you get an eye on your work, you can try to handle multiple tasks and finish them timely. This can help you get attention and remarks of your work. Temporary Workers 

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