Construction Site Supervisor

A Site Supervisor supervises the health and safety of a construction site. The Site Supervisor manages and assesses any potential safety hazards on site and looks at eliminating them. They will also conduct a regular site inspection and provide a safety program.

As a Supervisor, you need to ensure that a project is seen through and completed safely. Therefore, you will be in charge of managing and instructing your delegated workforce. This involves working closely with the Foreman who organises work on site.  Construction Supervisors oversee the construction of projects and monitor activities at worksites. Construction Supervisors also help develop contracts, liaise with subcontractors and vendors, and perform other administrative tasks.


  • Ensuring teams work together to deliver quality work to strict deadlines.
  • Monitoring construction processes, and providing training and team building sessions are required.
  • Ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations at all times.
  • Performing equipment, material, and routine site inspections.
  • Scheduling regular meetings with vendors, site inspectors, managers, and staff.
  • Writing up reports, budgets, project plans, and presenting them to relevant stakeholders.
  • Working closely with architects and other professionals.
  • Staying up-to-date with safety codes and advancements in construction.
  • Assisting with the recruitment and training of new staff.
  • Processing paperwork and travelling to multiple sites as required.

Construction Supervisor Requirements

  • High school diploma or similar.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction, Business, Management or Engineering preferable.
  • Experience in the construction industry required.
  • Experience in a leadership role recommended.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to focus and keep calm under pressure.
  • Ability to keep track of multiple projects.

Relevant Skills Of A Construction Site Supervisor

As a team leader, the Supervisor should have a positive attitude and be able to motivate their team. They must have an overall understanding of health and safety, be able to read site drawings and documents and have strong organisational skills.

  • Construction Workers: As a Construction Site Supervisor, you need to provide a supporting role to workers below you. A good Supervisor will be able to guide other workers on how to be more competent in their role. Try and be as easy to contact as possible and always know who is on-site and where they are working, this will help you to tell the right people about certain hazards on site.
  • Site Inspections: A big part of your role will be determining the probability of an accident happening on site. To do this, you will be required to carry out consistent risk assessments. These risk assessments will allow you to spot any hazards and fix them before they cause any accident. If the hazard isn’t fixable, it will be your job to report it so that it can be dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • Health and Safety: As a Supervisor, you need to make sure that all your workers are informed of the health and safety hazards on site and the precautions they need to take. You cannot supervise every worker 24/7, so you need to inform everyone who will be working onsite before work begins. The Site Supervisor communicates with the Contractor and the crew regularly regarding site rules.
How Do I Become A Site Supervisor?

The most common way of getting a start as a Site Supervisor is by displaying practical experience of working on sites and working your way up the ladder. Work shadowing, taking on additional responsibilities and generally being eager to learn on the job can be key in helping construction workers progress. However, this practical experience can only take you so far. If you want to take that next step into supervision you will need to have completed the correct type of training.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Site Supervisor?

There are two main requirements for those looking to become a Site Supervisor:

  • CITB Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) Certificate
  • Gold CSCS card

The majority of construction sites will require you to possess at least one, if not both, to be qualified for the role.

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