House Keepers

House Keeper is someone that does general housework for wages, also known to be a housemaid. Some of the work of a house keeper may be to clean homesplan and cook meals, do laundry, administer the household account books, care for children and perform numerous other duties, such as gardening and household maintenance. The category of household workers includes a number of occupations, all of which are concerned with the home.

Duties And Responsibilities Of A House Keeper

The true scope of a House Keeper’s job will depend upon the needs of the family they work for but there are a few primary responsibilities that can be applied to nearly all House Keepers positions. Some of the responsibilities and duties may include:

  1. Complete Housekeeping Tasks: One of the main duties of a House Keeper is providing regular housekeeping. This may include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, laundry and cleaning dishes. They may also be asked to prepare some or all of the family meals. Some House Keepers are also tasked with gardening or lawn maintenance.
  2. Run Errands: In addition to their daily cleaning duties, House Keepers are called upon to periodically perform errands. These will vary depending on the needs of the family but may include, dropping off or picking up children, grocery shopping, making a trip to the dry cleaner or taking a family member to doctor appointments or other engagements.
  3. Provide Care giving Services: House Keepers often act as caregivers to small children or elderly members of the family. This may encompass a large amount of duties from helping them to bathe and dress to ensuring they take their daily medications. Some House Keepers are hired primarily to perform these duties, while others may only occasionally assist in this area.

 House Keepers Skills

House Keepers must be reliable and physically fit to be able to perform their duties. They should have good time management skills as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision. House Keepers should also possess good communication skills. In addition to these traits, employers look for applicants with the following skill sets.

  1. Core skills: If you want to work as a House Keeper, focus on the following.
  • Knowledge of cleaning procedures and practices
  • Experience as a caregiver to small children or elderly adults
  • Ability to read and follow instructions
  • Ability to prepare meals and snacks
  • Knowledgeable of safety practices
  • Ability to meet physical requirements, such as lifting, bending, and standing for duration of shift


  1. Advanced skills:. Add these to your skill set and broaden your career options:
  • CPR certification
  • Valid driver license

 Here Are Some Of The Benefits To Hire A House Keeper

A House Keeper offers more than just a clean house. Let’s explore some of the benefits of hiring a House Keeper:

  1. A Clean House: The first benefit is obvious. When you hire a house keeper, you get a clean house! This is beyond just the kind of clean house you are used to though. When you hire a professional you come home to a level of clean that’s deeper than what you are used to seeing. After all, when you clean you are probably rushed or distracted because you are also thinking about work, cooking dinner, etc. When a pro comes in to clean they can get your house sparkling because that’s their one and only focus.
  2. Time To Relax: A house keeper gives you time to relax. Take a second to add up how many hours you spend cleaning every week. Now imagine if you got all of that time back. Now imagine someone putting that new book in your hand and a glass of wine in the other, looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? What if you got to enjoy that book and that glass of wine in your gorgeous, clean home? A lot of times we don’t realise how stressful it can be to have the obligation of cleaning wearing on our shoulders. That sigh of relief you give when you have made your way through a pile full of dirty dishes is how you should get to feel every time you come home from a long day.
  3. More Joy/ Organisation: 60% of people are less stressed when they are in a clean space and 72% are more productive. MarieKondo is on to something with the clutter-free space idea. Hiring a house worker gives you the opportunity to keep your house clutter down and your mental health up. Plus when you have to clean less, you have more free time to keep your space organised and spark joy in your life.
  4. Better Social Life: Would you invite people over more often if you didn’t have to stress about them seeing your dirty kitchen? Do you cringe at the idea of anyone noticing your gross bathroom? A house Keeper frees up more time to relax. However, they also offer a clean space that feels fun to invite your friends and loved ones into. The only way that new book plus a glass of wine could get better is if you added all your book club gals into the mix.
  5. Healthier Home: We all want our homes to be as happy and healthy as possible. A dirty house means there are built-up allergens like dust or even mildew that can occur. If you have kids they probably bring a lot of germs home with them from school. Not to mention, where there are kids there are dirty shoes, filthy hands, spills and stains galore, and the list goes on. A clean house is a healthy space to be, which is why a house keeper is great for more than just your mental health.
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