Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a field of business and a study, that tends itself to the operational aspects of a hotel as well as a wide range of affiliated topics. Generally hotel management companies, help owners when they don’t want to go and hire a general manager and hotel employees. Hotel managers are responsible for managing employees and for planning, marketing , coordinating and administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities. Rapid career progression into higher managerial roles is possible both within the UK and overseas.

4 Key Hotel Management Duties To Expect

Depending on how big or small an operation is, pursuing a career in Hotel Management  can entail several responsibilities. Although the job description for these duties varies, there are mainly five key responsibilities every Hospitality Manager should expect to administer which are as follows:

  1. Manage Budgets: It is the Hotel Manager’s job to disperse enough money to these departments that will ensure an efficient workflow toward the overall goal of the company. Two major responsibilities are:
  • Marketing: Marketing is yet another important task that a Hotel Manager must oversee. In order for a hotel, cruise line, restaurant, country clubs, and amusement park to thrive, they must let people know they exist! Planning smart marketing projects mean nothing without the money to support it. Everything from advertisements, sales plans, investing in signs, banners, community involvement, even down to the business cards and customised marketing trinkets all need to be taken into consideration when managing a marketing budget.
  • Approve/Controlling Expenditures: Every department within a hospitality industry has a need. Even with the most generous budget, all financial needs cannot always be met. However, if there weren’t a Hotel Manager to oversee these needs, most operations would go bankrupt. The Hotel Manager needs to be aware of all the expenses. Even though they have already allocated a set budget, they also need to know how each department is spending their allowance. This way, he or she can access and re-access if these funds are being spent efficiently and if not, re-access the overall budget.


  1. Customer Service: This is where customer service plays a big role in making guests happy. The three ways to do this is:
  • Meet and Greet Customers: First impressions are the important ones. It is hospitality, after all! The overall goal of hospitality is to make temporary accommodations feel permanent. This is done by acknowledging their presence and making them feel like they are welcomed, and most importantly wanted. No one wants to feel like they are unwelcome. Seeing that every guest is properly greeted when checking in to an establishment sets the tone for good customer service.
  • Housekeeping: Again, guests need to be able to feel like their accommodations are like a home away from home, no matter how brief the stay is. Making sure that every room (especially the bathroom) is properly cleaned, has fresh bedding, and sterilised kitchenette utensils will make all the difference. The last thing most guests want to do is worry about cleaning up after themselves. Overseeing that the housekeeping staff is carrying out their tasks of maintaining a clean environment is key.
  • Customers Complaints: Guests are paying establishments money from their hard-earned jobs and expect at the very least to receive what the business said that it would provide. If for any reason, whether they are right or wrong, they feel that they are not receiving these provisions, it is the Hotel Manager’s job to know why and resolve any discomfort the guest may have due to possible lack of customer service.


  1. Supervising Maintenance: Any operation that caters to the general public is a liability. Making sure that everything on the property is working and safe may also be the Hotel Manager’s responsibility.
  • Grounds: The business of hospitality not only deals with the internal operations of a business but the exterior as well. Maintaining a property with good curb appeal attracts guests. Making sure that people are able to tour the grounds without injuring themselves is also important. Additionally, a Hotel Manager often oversees indoor and outdoor renovation projects as well.
  • Security: A Hotel Manager may be in charge of hiring the best security for their establishment and overseeing their daily operations as well. Security is important. Unfortunately, not everyone has proper manners. Although local law enforcement is on standby to aid any needs of the public, hiring security to police the perimeters of a private establishment makes guests feel safe. It also works well for preventative measurements.


  1. Food and Beverage: Providing enough food and drink will ultimately determine whether or not a guest is happy and will want to return.
  • Food: When thinking of food, consider the event. Is this setting indoors or outdoors with guests who have paid for the food in advance and are expecting something grand, or are they invited officials to a reception where you can manage their expectations? Besides having enough food, have you considered dietary restrictions, including ones for religious reasons? Will there be tables or is it more appropriate to have foods that can be eaten in passing? As the manager, you will start building up your contact lists for catering companies and private chefs that you can call at a moment’s notice to fill a vacancy or cater an event.
  • Beverage: Much of the same considerations for beverage should be taken as for food, but when alcohol is involved, which most of the time it is, then there are additional duties need to remember. For example, making sure minors are identified, that all liquor licenses are up-to-date, any sponsors having their product featured, security for crowd control, and other such considerations. Budgets are highly inflated when alcohol is needed for any event, so also be aware of that and what the expectation is for different functions.


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