Care Taker

Caretakers are responsible for looking after assets, individuals or properties at the request of an employer. They care for buildings and grounds of specific properties and usually live on the premises in order to provide better surveillance. Care Taker

Caretakers are responsible for looking after assets, individuals or properties at the request of an employer. These professionals may work at schools, ranches, private residences, farms, hotels, churches, bed and breakfast inns, among other buildings. They work for long or short terms according to specific needs of their clients.

Caretaker Duties And Responsibilities

  • Open premises at the beginning of each work shift and ensure that it is properly secured at the end of the day
  • Monitor CCTV systems and respond to alarms
  • Ensure locking of all windows and blinds at the end of the day
  • Make emergency repairs and ensure limited maintenance of the building
  • Ensure that the premise is clean and free of hazardous materials
  • Supervise janitorial staff to ensure appropriate cleaning activities
  • Take and maintain delivered items and dispatch goods and materials as instructed
  • Carry out First Aid and CPR in the event of an emergency and ensure that all emergency equipment is ready to use at all times

Essential Skills Required For A Care Taker

  • Effective Communication: Because of what caretaker entails, communication is a key. It’s not only important to communicate effectively with someone who requires care but also with any family members who are involved with the care. Communication may involve something as simple as reviewing a daily schedule or taking note of any questions the person may have. Appointment updates, changes in the medication schedule (in case of a patient) , and meal requests are other examples of things that may need to be clearly communicated to family members or patients. In some cases, multiple caretakers may be staffed to provide the proper amount of care. The communication between caretakers must be clear and concise to prevent problems and confusion.  Placing an emphasis on communication creates an environment of trust between the person requires care, family, and caretakers. It allows the family members and the person requiring care to ask questions and opens up the line for questions or concerns. Plus, communicating effectively also ensures that the proper amount of care is being administered.
  • Positive Demeanour: There’s only one way to approach the job of an in-home caretaker that is with positivism. It is important to know that a negative attitude can be detrimental to your client and the family you are serving. Some of the clients you encounter may feel defeated or depressed due to the health concerns they are facing. It’s your job, as their caretaker, to provide a ray of positivism and hope in their lives. The more positive you are, the more it will affect those around you. A happy caretaker can effect change. The more positive you are, the better care you will be able to provide to those around you. There’s no room for boredom, negativity, pessimism, or anger in the in-home care field. Instead, we are continually on the hunt for those optimistic individuals who are looking to improve the lives of others with their happiness and positive outlook.
  • Patience: As rewarding as home caretaker is, it can test your patience. Caretakers can’t rush through tasks or do things their own way. Instead, they are required to consult with the client and family members before proceeding. You may spend twice as much time performing a daily task simply because your client wants to do something on their own. Fostering independence with patience is crucial to the happiness and success of each of your clients. No matter how much easier it would be to do things at your own speed, it’s necessary to slow down, communicate well, and provide care that the client needs, instead of proceeding in the way that you may see fit. This sort of patience is rare, yet important when caring for another individual. If you tend to be impatient or quick to act, a job as a caretaker may be frustrating. If patience is one of your strongest virtues, though, you may find that caring for another individual is extremely easy and rewarding.
  • Flexibility and Problem-Solving Skills: No matter how carefully you prepare, there will be days where things don’t go as planned. In fact, most days probably won’t go as planned. Perhaps an appointment is cancelled, or your client is having a rough time. No matter what the issue is, it’s important to remain flexible and act quickly. The ability to problem-solve is crucial as a caretaker. It allows you to think on your feet and create a new plan easily. Some people may become irritated or frustrated when plans suddenly change. As a caretaker, you don’t have this luxury. Staying calm will ensure that your client also remains calm. Instead of reacting to the change in plans with panic, a great caretaker will quickly and effectively create a new idea and carry it out seamlessly.
  • Reliability: Once you have decided to become a caretaker, you will find that you have people that rely on you daily. Your clients trust you to show up on time, remain consistent, and provide the care that you have said you would. Their transportation, medication administration, and meals could hinge on your ability to follow through. If you are unreliable, it could affect your client’s health, state of mind, and mood.

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