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Waiting Staff

When your business is in the hospitality industry, one of the main considerations for success is the quality of your waiting staff. They are the face of your restaurant or catering company and their main job is to make sure that your patrons are satisfied and happy. Unhappy patrons won’t come back and you then stand to lose customers and business.

Agency Waiters & Waitresses

A waiter’s work is to take orders from customers, serve their food and prepare the tables for the next customer when the previous patron leaves.

Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to have a full complement of waiters on the payroll all the time. The wise option is to hire in waiters from an agency for those busy times, or during seasonal rushes. You also have the option of being specific about the type of waiters you want. Some agencies even have divisions: A waiter agency as well as a housekeeping agency London. This way you can choose the wait staff that you need. If you need women for a specific function, you can hire waitresses from the waitress agency. The same can be done with male waiters.

Housekeeping Staff Agency

The temp wait staff is also the answer during the high season holidays. This is when the demand for service is at its highest and your restaurant will be at its busiest. The normal complement of staff will not be enough and then you will need to get some temp staff in to help out.

The beauty of temp staff is that you don’t need to worry about legal obligations such as paying taxes. The agency will take care of that. Workers Direct has a number of experienced waiting staff in its database and is ready to provide you with the best staff according to your necessities.