Promotional Staff Agency

Promotional Staff Agency is a brand representative that is hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping centres and companies choosing to promote themselves. You have probably seen thousands of them, they are everywhere! From beaches, busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events. They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

Promotional Staff Agency does not just mean staff  standing there handing out flairs. Promotional Staff Agency conduct the following:

  • Product launches, product samples, flyer distribution, data capturing and lead collection.
  • Our Promotional staff can cover you for Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing.

No business owner is going to spend money, any kind of third party service without first being able to see the benefit/s of doing so. And admittedly, you do hear some horror stories about promotional staff agencies being unreliable or supplying staff who are just not suited to the job in hand. However, if you choose wisely and do your homework there is no doubt that a reputable promotional staff agency will add huge weight to your brand marketing efforts and very often, they can become a key part of your event marketing strategy throughout the year.

Perks Of Using A Promotional Staff Agency

  1. Flexibility: This, for many clients, is the number one perceived benefit they get from their promotional staff agency. You can, literally, pick up the phone today and have a member of staff working for you at your event tomorrow no matter what the location in the UK or further afield. This kind of flexible staffing ability is something that the majority of businesses quite simply don’t have the resources in-house to achieve.
  2. Peace of mind: Promotional Staff Agencies are experts in their field, meaning you are in safe hands. They supply staff to many different business sectors at a huge array of event locations across the UK which puts in a position to make highly informed decisions about the perfect candidate for your specifications whether that be Hostesses for Corporate Hospitality or Lead Generators with the skills to influence your potential customers they know the staff and can match their skills to relevant jobs with 100% accuracy every single time.
  3. Professionalism: As a promotional staff agency there is a pride on being professional at all times and with everyone they deal with. And this is a quality they expect from the staff as well meaning you are being guaranteed to get staff who represent your brand in the best possible light in exactly the same way as you would expect from one of your own employees.

By consistently offering the above three benefits it is proved time after time that promotional staff agencies are a highly valuable resource to any business, large or small, and this is why clients use these services time after time.

What Is The Role Of A Promotional Staff Agency?

A promotion staff agency, also commonly referred to as an advertising agency, is an entity that handles marketing and advertising for a company or companies. While some companies rely on independent promotion staff agencies, large companies often have in-house operations that handle promotion and advertising. Whether in-house or independent, promotion staff agencies perform several basic functions:

  1. Research: Research is one of the major responsibilities of a promotion staff agency. To develop a successful strategy, promotion staff agencies conduct research about a product, its target demographic and its image, before launching an ad campaign. Promotion staff agencies also conduct ongoing research during and after an ad campaign. Research performs two major functions: it provides the knowledge necessary for initial campaign development, and helps a promotion staff agency to understand whether, and why, a campaign has been successful.
  2. Planning: It is the responsibility of the promotion staff agency to develop a research-based advertisement and promotion campaign. This means planning which demographic of the population to target, and how. Besides devising the campaign itself, a promotion staff agency must decide how best to deliver it whether over television, radio, the internet and social media sites, print advertising, billboards, in specific geographic locations, or a combination of these media. Promotional staff Agencies also create promotions for businesses such as reward programs, discounts, special offers and sweep stakes designed to increase revenue.
  3. Operating Campaigns: Full-service promotion staff agencies don’t simply design full-fledged ad campaigns and then hand them over to companies, they are also responsible for the nuts-and-bolts work of carrying them out. This entails not only deciding which media to use for advertising but then purchasing advertising space or time, and following up to make sure that advertisements actually ran or were printed. While larger promotion staff agencies take responsibility for running campaigns, some small boutique promotion staff agencies create ad campaigns for clients but do not operate campaigns.
  4. Branding: The basic function of a promotion staff agency is the development or exploitation of a brand. When dealing with a product with an already established brand, a promotion staff agency’s creative team needs to intimately understand that brand and create an ad campaign based on that understanding. Promotion staff agencies may also be called upon to create a brand for products through advertising, promotions and package design. Successful branding appeals to customers at the emotional level. The stated goal of promotion staff agency The Marketing Arm, for example, is to make brands mean something to their consumers.

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