Data Entry

The role of data entry includes to enter data from different sources into the computer system of the company to conduct the processing and management of the work. An employee responsible for data entry would need to efficiently manage a large amount of information as some is used for public and some of it is often sensitive or confidential. The integrity and honour of any company is based on the data they generate which demonstrates the importance of the Data Entry position. Any piece of information up dated by the Data Entry team will then be used as a  reference or reports by other people.

Data entry is the process of entering data and updating all the data time to time into some electronic device or database. An individual assigned to input the data does that by directly inputting the data into a company’s database using a computer, mouse, keyboard, scanner or other data entry tool.

Responsibilities And The Required Skills 

Accurately processed, entered or archived data plays a vital role to customer or client’s satisfaction. Therefore, it is important that data entry clerks possess certain skills and are qualified to perform daily responsibilities and do their job efficiently . There are many responsibilities with hard and soft skills that may be required by those in this job field. Here are a few responsibilities and skills that data entry personnel should possess and perform:


  • Input of account or customer data from the documents
  • Follow-up with data entry deadlines
  • Arranging the data information to record it in the computer
  • Scanning documents and other files, when or if needed
  • Revising the data to check for any errors
  • Correcting or replacing any necessary data details
  • Assistance of creating data management systems
  • To maintain the confidentiality of the company’s data according to their regulations and policies
  • Producing reports and performing backup operations, as required


  1. Basic software skills: To have basic software skills very essential to perform the job of data entry efficiently. As it requires to work with word processors, databases, spreadsheet and related software used on a daily basis.
  2. Efficient written and verbal communication skills: Data entry professionals always need to give an inside or outside feedback on any issue they may encounter with incorrect data or going through the database so for that they must possess very professional and efficient written and verbal communication skills. They must be a good listener so they can enter and arrange data the way a company prefers.
  3. Fast typing speed: To succeed in the field of administration as a data entry professional, you need to have a skill of fast typing. As it is the part of their work to type and make an input of large quantities of data into the system within a limited period of time. Many employers expect a data entry professional to have an average speed of typing 30-40 words per minute.
  4. Proficient typing skills: Fast typing is very essential skill as a data entry professional. However, it is very important to type accurately as well.
  5. Self-Motivation: This Job does not require any supervision or team effort. So this work can be performed remotely. It is important to have self motivation as a data entry professional as they need to perform several tasks repeatedly.
  6. Attention to details: Details are the priority in a data entry job.

How To Improve Your Data Entry Skills?

There are several ways to improve data entry skills on your own, with the help of a computer system. Here are few tips you may find helpful to improve your data entry skills:

  1. Enhance current typing skills: Pay attention to your current typing structure and body language. Make sure you are using the proper body posture and hand positioning for optimum accuracy and comfort. This way you may avoid shifting your positions or getup more often, which should increase your typing speed skills and efficiency.
  2. Improve desk space: This field demands you to sit and type on a computer for long hours. However, sitting for long hours may give you some certain health issues. The best way is to have a comfortable chair with lumbar support that can be shifted and has height adjustments. Computer monitors should be at eye level with minimised glare and the monitor should be placed near the mouse. Dual monitors would also help with fact checking, data entry speed, efficiency and productivity
  3. Make use of online typing tools: There are several online programs available to test your current typing abilities and help you improve it. These typing tools help you increase your current typing speed. You may go through some videos online that demonstrates the basics of data entry computer software to improve your knowledge it.
  4. Master data entry hacks: There are many shortcuts that are used with certain software programs to save a sufficient amount of time. For example, you can use the TAB and ENTER key in Excel to enter information that has been written before. Many spreadsheet and keyboard hacks can be found online to save time and increase your typing speed.
  5. Block distractions: When you work, it may be a challenge to stay focused on the tasks you are performing. Try dividing your time according to the priority of the tasks given. It may also be helpful to place your phone out of reach and put it on silent during working hours to limit distractions.

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