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Every permanent employee is entitled to leave. The problem that companies face when their staff takes leave is: Who will be able to do the employee’s work while s/he is away? This is where getting temporary staff to do the job is one of your options.

Temporary Staff

The temporary staff doesn’t always mean that you’re replacing an employee on leave. It could also mean that you need extra staff for a period of time. This is when you contact Temp Staff to help you find the right person for the position. They will be able to help you even if you have various positions to fill and need different skills for each position.

Another form of temporary staff is relief staff. Relief staff is usually needed in the following eventualities:

  • An employee is off (either sick or on leave) for more than one day
  • An employee is overwhelmed with work and needs somebody to help him/her to overcome the workload
  • When employees are on strike, your company still needs to operate. That’s when you need to employ suitable relief staff to help you until the strike is over.

Agency temps are prepared, qualified and experienced in a variety of professions and will be able to take on assignments on very short notice. It doesn’t matter whether you need day staff or shift workers, Temp Staff will be able to find the right people to meet your needs.

Agency requirements

A good agency will have an excellent, on-going relationship with its clients. The agency will know what the client’s culture is, it’s general work needs as well as the industry that it operates in. When the client phones, the consultant should be able to understand the client’s requirements quickly and be efficient in finding the right candidate. The consultant should also be able to negotiate favourable terms and conditions, as well as fee structure with the client.

In the case of Temp Staff, their consultants are highly competent and able to provide excellent service to their clients. They are able to screen candidates for desired qualifications and experience in order to make sure that the candidate database has only the best candidates available. The candidate is also checked on at least once during the assignment period. The client is also contacted and asked for its feedback on the candidate’s performance and the general service that the client received.